Dr Bill

Below is some more information and statistcs for you and also and interview with Dr Bill Kellner-Read BDS, Dental Surgeon, researcher and author.

Interview with Dr Bill Kellner-Read BDS, dental surgeon, researcher and author of “Toxic Bite”.

One of the main problems encountered in the dental industry is fear. Many children have preconceived negative views about their visit to the dentist. This fear is fuelled by family members and peers. A primary task of the tooth fairy is to alleviate these fears, show that there is little to worry about and give emphasis to the positive aspects of the dental experience. This is of great value to the dental profession who struggles to cope with this aspect of care.

The importance of dental education, keeping the teeth clean and the gums healthy comes in light of research that links gum disease to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and poor pregnancy outcomes. It is the obligation of the tooth fairy to start an educational process that will under pin the child’s knowledge of dental hygiene as it moves into adult life. Recent research has shown that pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to produce children with a high risk of heart disease, further emphasising the need for strong education in this area. It is expected that starting the educational process early in life will embed healthy habits into the child and result in better systemic health outcomes for the future.

A quote from Dr Sally Cram, DDS, Spokeswoman for the ADA

“At last dentistry is being taken seriously, no longer can the mouth be seen as separate from the rest of the body as so many things that happen in the mouth affect overall health”.