About The Program

Totally Teeth – The Game Show is an Oral Health and Hygiene and Nutritional program offered to children from Prep – Grade 6. Our mission is to provide high quality education in preventative dental health strategies through interaction and engagement in an entertaining game show format. Totally Teeth has been specifically designed to align with the Australian Curriculum to outline critical areas of the Health and Physical Education primary curriculum. Totally Teeth’s key objective is to provide support to educators, parents, carers and the broader community with the ultimate outcome of improving the health of the Australian population. Totally Teeth includes a bonus package of useful and relevant teaching and learning resources for both teachers and family members with the intention of providing reinforcement and extension work for students.


This innovative educational program includes the following educational goals:

• Good Oral Hygiene To reduce decay and gum disease in children.

• Healthy Eating/Making Good Food Choices, encouraging optimal nutrition, reducing obesity.

• Twice daily tooth brushing For healthy teeth. Developing healthy habits.

• Prevention of Tooth Decay Understanding the mechanism of decay.

• Introduction to Dental Anatomy and learning the structure of teeth and gums

• Discovering Where Hidden Sugars Hide:  Looking past the obvious ‘junk food’ to see that sugar can sneak in unexpectedly.


Totally Teeth covers the following content of the Australian Curriculum

Health and Physical Education:

Years 3-4

Being healthy, safe and active (ACPPS036)

Grades 5-6

Personal, Social and Community Health

Being healthy, safe and active (ACPPS053), (ACPPS054)

Contributing to healthy and active communities (ACPPS058)

Learning through movement (ACPMP067), (ACPMP068)

For children in the lower primary years we suggest The Toothfairy Show.



Contributing to healthy and active communities (ACPPS006)

Years 1 – 2

Being healthy, safe and active (ACPPS018)

Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing (ACPPS021)

Moving our body (ACPMP027) Although the teaching of dental health and the importance of tooth brushing is one that many children receive at a young age, we believe that there is a significant gap in the follow up and reinforcement of this vital message. Children can often become complacent or reluctant to engage in healthy habits to promote good overall dental health. With this program we hope to not only revisit the simple lessons they have already been taught and make sure they have a good understanding of their importance but also to extend their knowledge and understanding in the hope that they build upon their skill set to ensure that they are able to take action to enhance their own wellbeing from present well into adulthood.